Next in my series of great podcasts is Information Security. I spend a lot of time in my current job fixing broken computers and part of that involves disinfecting and restoring operating systems back to their fully functional selves.

Security and Technology Podcasts

  • Security now

    Amazing podcast on the world of information security. This podcast not only talks about the major news items that every IT person should know about but also explains very complex concepts in an easy to understand manor. Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson masterfully come together as an unstoppable force to create a wave of understanding for the complex world of info security. Worth a listen if you’re even remotely interested in what is going on in the technology and security. Episodes come out weekly and are typically an hour long but sometimes can run as long as a couple hours.

  • The WAN show

    If you’re fan of Linus tech tips you will imediately recognize the hosts of this show. From the makers of that incredibly informative youtube show comes a tech news show that is totally worth your time. A huge variety of topics are covered in their podcast, from any hardware and software releases to some amazing life advice this podcast is full of great knowledge and will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in the ever changing world of tech.

  • hak5

    This one has been around for years. Devin Kitchen and Shannon Moore cover a huge variety of tweaks, hacks, and other cool gadgetry. Its important to note that this show is not a typical security show as they cover far more topics than just security news. They have a variety of tutorials that range from things like basic command line usage, drone building, using Linux operating systems, programming and many, many more.

  • Hacked

    This one is great for beginners (and there are some goodies for the experts). Jordan and Scott talk about the ways things tend to go wrong and what can happen if someone gets hacked. Each episode is between 15 to 30 minutes. It appears that they’re on hiatus however as their episode posting is very infrequent. Great listen though if your just looking for a quick episode to fill in.