Lately I have been working on getting a website I made for a gaming comunity moved over to github pages. A lot of the sites that I have thrown together really only have basic needs in terms of the capability of what is required on the back end. As for web servers however after years of doing things such as trying to navigate a cPanel with millions of different functions spread haphazardly, to manually implementing a LAMP stack (or rather a LAP stack as I didn’t have much use for SQL until recently). I have found that at this point it is worth learning the way GitHub hosts their pages if your primary goal is to just make a basic site for a club or a group.

That being said we have changed much of the design at the site (you can check it out here).

In our case me (and another community manager) created an organization to keep things simpler when it came to both of us working on the site. It had become troublesome to get his fork up to date every time a pull needed to be made between the forks. We are both hoping that commiting to the same repo will simplify things.

I’m not sure though if for just us two this is more of a “nuclear option” and that it might be a bit overkill for just a small team. I wonder what aproaches other people generally take for this. For now though this works for us and hopefully if there are eventually more coding projects added under the org it will allow us to scale better as we get more members. I plan to eventually move a few of the bots that we use in our various group chats the group uses under the organization too in hopes that other members decide to work on them.